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More than 100 General Farm Worker Jobs in Canada We are hiring urgently.

Are you keen to work in the agriculture and farming sector in Canada? If yes, then are hundreds of general farm and farm assistant jobs available to foreigners in Canada. There are full-time, part-time and seasonal farm jobs that are open for applicants to apply immediately.

Many farming companies are looking for foreign and local candidates to fill the role as General Farm Workers. The workers who are successfully hired are offered with the position instantly and start working in the shortest time possible. The majority of farm worker jobs in Canada can be described as full-time job either part-time, full-time or seasonal work. The working hours can extend from morning to day to the evening, and generally extends from 05:00 until 15:00 hours.

General Farm Labour and Worker Job Vacancies in Canada 2022

Openings for new jobs (resulting from the growing demand and a need for replacement) for all farmers are anticipated to be 15,200 by 2028, and 17,000 more job candidates (resulting from school leavers, immigration and mobility) ready to fill these positions in Canada.

Because of the deficiency of agricultural laborers in Canada There is many farming jobs for foreign job seekers who are not skilled and semi-skilled people. If you’re interested in farming with the required qualifications and experience, then you can apply for a job and submit a resume to any open position which is listed below.

Job Titles for Farm Worker Posts open in Canada

  • Cattle ranch worker
  • Beef cattle farm worker
  • Farm machine operator
  • Feneral farm worker
  • Grain farm worker
  • Harvester machine operator
  • Worker in the Hatchery
  • Farm worker for poultry
  • Dairy farm worker
  • Degetable farm worker
  • Fruit picker
  • Fruit packer

How do I find General Farm Worker jobs across Canada?

If you think of agricultural or farm jobs in Canada it is likely that you envision the endless tractors, animals, fields, and endless days with little pay. But, this is an outdated and inaccurate description of what a career in the field of agriculture in Canada involves. If you’re looking for general farm work in Canada the best option is to go to the most popular career site within Canada: If provides the current general farm jobs within Canada available to international applicants.

You can also revisit this page for the most current list of agricultural labour jobs in Canada.

How Much Do Farm Workers earn in Canada?

In Canada the average farmer earns $17.58 average hourly wage. The entry-level positions start at around $30,200 per year, and the most skilled workers making as high as $45,400.

There is a wide range for Farm Worker Jobs Across Canada

More than 1,641 general farm workers positions in Canada that are listed on the JobBank. The job ads listed are for the entire population of General Farm Workers (NOC 8431) at the time of writing.

Job Conditions for Woker Jobs in the Farm Woker Job Openings

This is the kind of thing you require for your job.

  • There aren’t any specific educational or training requirements. But, a college diploma or other specialized courses in farming, including farm equipment mechanics, agricultural weld trees, pruning, and application of pesticides are offered.
  • Basic knowledge of farming, typically gained by working on farms owned by families is often required to be employed.
  • A certificate or course in first aid might be needed.

Responsibility and Duties

General farm workers cultivate, plant or harvest crop, tend livestock and poultry and also maintain their farm’s equipment as well as structures. This group comprises the operators of farm equipment. They work on crops livestock vegetables, fruit and special farms.

  • The group is responsible for some, or even all the tasks:
  • Fertilize, plant, cultivate spray, irrigate and harvest the crops
  • Feed and tend animals and poultry
  • Milk cows
  • Help or participate in breeding and breeding activities for farm animals.
  • Maintain and operate farm equipment and machinery
  • Be sure to follow Food safety and security procedures and ensure that biosecurity measures are followed for animals.
  • Find health and disease issues in livestock, crops and poultry
  • Review the product for quality and then prepare it for the market
  • Monitor and set up the flow of air, water lines as well as temperature of barns chicken coops, and pens.
  • Help or maintain the care of facilities and farm equipment, including cleaning barns, stables, pen yards and barnyards.
  • General farm workers may become specialized in a specific type of crop or livestock through their experience.

Recent Farm Worker Job Openings in Canada


Job TitleSalaryCompanyAction
General farm worker$15.00 hourlyBouwman Holstein’sApply Now
General farm worker$13.70 hourlyIslandblend farmsApply Now
General farm worker$15.65 hourlyGoldmine farm ltdApply Now
General farm worker$16.00 hourlyCHARLOTTE’S FARM CORP.Apply Now
General farm worker$19.50 hourlyT&R Brar farm Ltd.Apply Now
General farm worker$15.65 to $19.00 hourlyNorth Arm FarmApply Now
General farm worker$15.00 to $25.00 hourlyGreat Harvest Agriculture inc.Apply Now
General farm worker$20.00 hourlyAlexandria Haskap & Farming LtdApply Now
General farm worker$19.50 hourlyBaldev Farm LtdApply Now
General farm worker$1,200.00 to $3,150.00 biweeklyGalvin Farm LTD.Apply Now
General farm worker$16.50 hourlyMehar Blue Berry FarmApply Now
General farm worker$15.65 hourlyZhi Gang Farm Ltd.Apply Now
General farm worker$19.00 hourlyT&S Mankatala FarmApply Now
General farm worker$16.50 to $19.50 hourlyFarmers Fresh Farm ManagementApply Now
General farm worker$15.65 hourlyAmrit Abby FarmApply Now
General farm worker$13.70 hourlyIslandblend farmsApply Now
General farm worker$15.00 to $25.00 hourlyGreat Harvest Agriculture inc.Apply Now
General farm worker$18.00 hourlyDelfresh Mushroom Farm Ltd.Apply Now
General farm worker$18.00 hourlyH.Q. Mushroom Farm Ltd.Apply Now
General farm worker$15.50 hourlyMagalas Farms LtdApply Now
General farm worker$20.00 hourlyAlexandria Haskap & Farming LtdApply Now
General farm worker$20.00 hourlyDhillon Ranch Ltd.Apply Now
General farm worker$21.00 hourlyCadrain Farms Inc.Apply Now
General farm worker: $20.00 hourlyFadeyi FarmsApply Now

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